Toscanello Anice

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Toscanello Anice is the "pioneer" of Toscanello cigars first released in 2001. It has a unique blend of Italian, South American and Far East Kentucky tobacco that is skillfully infused with anise extract. This cigar is a clean, refreshing smoke with accents of licorice, citrus, and sweet mint. Box of 5 cigars.

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Half Cheroot

3 1/8
OriginCava de' Tirreni, Italy
WrapperForeign Kentucky
BinderNo Binder
FillerBlend of Italian & Foreign Kentucky
Data sheet
Pack Size5 Cigars
OriginCava de' Tirreni, Italy
StrengthMellow Bodied
AromaCitrus, Licorice, Peppermint
PalateRefreshing, Slightly Sweet
Aging3 Months
Release Year2001
Drink PairingsCraft Beer, Sparkling Wine
Storage Tips

We highly recommend to store the cigars at 70-75% Relative Humidity and 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) for at least 7 days to allow them to smoke better.

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