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  • $59 99 In Stock
    Here is your chance to sample the entire selection of Toscanello Aroma, from Toscanello Grappa through Toscanello Anice, Toscanello Vaniglia, Toscanello Cioccolato, and Toscanello Caffe (our all-time best seller!) The perfect closure to this journey is Toscanello Speciale, that represents the very best of the Toscanello family.
  • $78 00 In Stock
    Best Price in the USA! From $7.80 Toscanello Vaniglia is made with an fascinating blend of fire-cured Kentucky tobacco from Italy, South America and Far East infused with the sweet tropical aroma of vanilla extract. This highly fragrant smoke is light and harmonious with a creamy notes of caramel and maple. Now available in pack of 50 cigars.
  • $91 00 In Stock
    Big, bold, and brawny: Toscanello Speciale is the most superior of the entire Toscanello range. It combines fire-cured Kentucky tobaccos from Italy and America with aging up to 12 months. Perfect for cigar lovers who are looking for a pure, full-bodied smoke with aromas of oak and pepper to take on the "Man with No Name" persona of Clint Eastwood.
  • $78 00 In Stock
    Best Price in the USA! From $7.80 Rich, dark, and flavorful, Toscanello Cioccolato beautifully blends the boldness of Kentucky tobacco with a rich chocolate extract. "La Dolce Vita" may not have been referring to this cigar specifically, but we believe that its tasty profile is a key part of the sweet life. Now available in pack of 50 cigars.

Featured Products

  • $17 99 In Stock
    Best Price in The USA! From $12.60 Toscano Antico is the ultimate cigar for tough people. This rustic cigar is the co-star of Clint Eastwood in his famed Spaghetti Western movies directed by Sergio Leone. A mix of the best Italian and American Kentucky tobaccos, aged 12 months, gives it bold and spicy flavors of pepper, hickory, and oak wood.
  • $14 99 In Stock
    Best Price in the USA! From $10.40 A true Italian cigar: Toscano Classico is unmistakable thanks to the classic burnished color of Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany. This is one of the most iconic cigars and has been subjected to numerous imitations. Its savory smoke is slightly bitter with hints of earth accented with aromatic wood and maple.
  • $9 19 In Stock
    Best Price in The USA! From $6.40 Toscano AD1492 is a tribute to the discovery of the Americas by famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who incidentally came across tobacco during his voyages. Made with 100% Kentucky tobacco grown in Tennessee, this American beauty is intensely rich, tangy with hickory notes of molasses and honey.
  • $11 49 In Stock
    Best Price in the USA! From $7.80 Toscanello was created post-World War II as an affordable option to Italy's favorite Toscano cigars. It was so successful that sharing a smoke with friends became a part of the Italian lifestyle, hence the nickname of "friendship cigar". It has an aromatic wood and oak flavor with notes of toast and earth.

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