Cheroot Uniqueness

Cheroot Uniqueness

Toscano cigar is the original Italian cigar manufactured in Tuscany, Italy. It was born as a result of a very long manufacturing process that no other cigar can boast. The Kentucky tobacco, its raw material, undergoes a lot of different treatments which give it a unique taste.

The tobacco leaves after a careful selection, undergo a fire-curing process in a closed environment filled with oak and beech wood. This stage lasts around two weeks and makes the Kentucky tobacco very distinctive; Dark Fire Cured Tobacco also guarantees good conservation.

The fermentation and aging processes are also of high importance in the making of Toscano cigar. Since 1818, this cigar has totally preserved both its aspect and its manufacturing process.

Toscano cigar is denser compared to Cuban or Cuban-style Caribbean cigar. It maintains an even burn throughout the entire smoking experience. This enables smokers to enjoy all the flavors that the wrapper and filler have to offer.

CriteriaToscanoCuban / Caribbean
ShapeElliptical - thicker midsection with slimmer endsPerfect, evenly rolled body
StructureWrapper and filler, no binderWrapper, binder and filer
Physical TextureDry, obvious veins on wrapper leafSmooth, sometimes a bit oily on touch
Method of SmokingCut in half at the center, light the cut surfaceSmoked whole
PackagingEach cigar in a box is individually wrapped in cellophaneNo individual wrapping around each cigar in a box
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