Primer on Toscano

Primer on Toscano

Toscano cigars are a true icon among Made in Italy products, and a recognized symbol of Italian heritage and tradition. Toscano Cigars offer a moment of relaxation and harmony, and the perfect union between history, creativity, and Italian passion for excellence, passed down from generation to generation, for 200 years.


Toscano cigars are cheroots, and have an unmistakable crooked, natural shape. More common cigars consist of three parts (wrapper, binder, and filler) and generally look all the same. Instead, Toscano cigars consist of only two parts (wrapper and filler, as the wrapper also acts as binder) and each is somewhat uniquely shaped. Small shape irregularities are a sign of a genuine Toscano.


Italians sometimes joke about the Toscano cigar by calling it "Maledetto Toscano", which may be translated as "Accursed Toscano". Why? Because Toscano cigars are real cigars for real men (and women!). They have a strong and determined character which is not for the faint of heart. It's an acquired taste (think of black coffee), and one which is very difficult to forego once it becomes part of one's lifestyle and pleasure.


One of the peculiarities of Toscano cigar is that they are made with 100% Kentucky tobacco. Therefore, they are "monocultivar" (i.e. made with a signle species of tobacco.) Depending on the specific products, the Kentucky tobacco may be from fields in Italy (in the Tuscany and Campania regions), in the USA, or in Peru, each having its unique taste and aroma.


Some of Toscano cigars products (such as Toscano Originale and Toscano Anno Domini 1492) are hand-made by a team of expert Italian cigar rollers. These very knowledgeable women are called "sigaraie" in Italian, which literally means "cigar-making women". They are based in Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany, and use rolling techniques perfected for almost two centuries. Since the 1960s, some other Toscano cigars (such as Toscano Classico, Toscano Antico, and Toscano Extravecchio) are manufactured using pneumatic machines (not a large-scale industrial process, more of a laboratory-style) which mimic the movement of sigaraie. Lastly, most Toscanelli products are machine-made in the Cava dei Tirreni factory, close to Naples.


The making process which transforms Kentucky tobacco bales into Toscano cigars is also unique, and perfected over two centuries. Toscano Cigars are crafted either by hand or machine using fermented, flame-cured, aged tobacco. Afterwards, cigars age for an additional 4 to 12 months (or much longer, even several years or decades, for special editions) allowing the taste to mature and become truly unmistakable.

Product Line

Toscano and Toscanello offer a variety of products suited to different consumers with different tastes. Experienced smokers who appreciate a long and strong experience may opt for Toscano Originale or, for a very special occasion, for Toscano Il Moro. Smokers who value a more balanced experience may experiment with the different flavors and aromas of Toscano Classico, Toscano Antico, Toscano Extravecchio, and Toscano Antica Riserva, one of the most acclaimed Toscano products. Curious explorers may indulge in Toscano Anno Domini 1492, made entirely with American Kentucky grown in the USA. Lastly, smokers who appreciate a more casual smoking experience, maybe with friends and associates, may opt for the Toscanello brand, perfect for any time of the day with Toscanello (lighter) and Toscanello Speciale (stronger) and flavored Toscanello Caffe, Toscanello Grappa, Toscanello Anice, and Toscanello Fondente.

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