Toscano Originale

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The cigar that started the Toscano legacy: Toscano Originale is hand-rolled using the same Italian cigar crafting technique since 1818. Often equated to well-aged red wines with strong character, this fine cheroot cigar has a rich, earthy, and smoky flavor. Toscano Originale won the prestigious Best Medium Filler by Cigar Journal in 2016. Pack of 5 cigars.

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Full Cheroot

6 3/4
OriginLucca, Italy
WrapperNorth American Kentucky
BinderNo Binder
FillerBlend of Italian & North American Kentucky
Data sheet
Pack Size5 Cigars
OriginLucca, Italy
StrengthFull Bodied
AromaLeather, Malt, Spices
PalateSavory, Slightly Bitter
Aging12 Months
Release Year1985
Drink PairingsSpirits, Brandy, Red Wine
Storage Tips

We highly recommend to store the cigars at 70-75% Relative Humidity and 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) for at least 7 days to allow them to smoke better.

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