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Toscano Il Moro 2014


Fact Box

Full Cheroot
5/5 Very Strong
Balanced and Satiating
Leather, Dried Fruit, Aromatic Wood
12 months
Prosecco, Spirits, Dessert Wines, Aged Red Wines
Storage Tips:
70% Humidity at 80 °F (26 °C)
American Kentucky
Italian Kentucky
9.06" +/- 0.04"
Release year:
Manufacturing location:
Lucca, Italy

Toscano Il Moro: The Prince of Cigars is an exceptional cigar - sophisticated, refined and incomparable quality. It is hand-rolled in Lucca, Italy by a few selected seasoned "sigaraie" or cigar rollers and has been in production since 1999. This top of the range Toscano cigar is a limited edition, produced only once a year in very limited quantity.

Il Moro is made of the highest quality and carefully selected North American Kentucky tobacco as its wrapper and Italian-grown Kentucky tobacco as its filler. The length of Il Moro is 40% longer (measuring 9 inches) than regular Toscano cigars, while its diameter measures 25% wider (at ring gauge 50) - it is the size of a Gran Corona.

The editions of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 of Il Moro are part of a collection called "La Sigaraia" which means The Cigar Roller in Italian. This collection potrays the art of cigar rolling which starts with The Leaf in 2011, continues with The Filling in 2012, then The Shaping in 2013, and ends with The Cut in 2014. Putting all together in chronological order side by side, it forms a unique image - the sigaraia hand-rolling an Il Moro.

Each Il Moro is sold individually and inside an exquisite-crafted wooden box. It is a rare collector's item and only available during Christmas time.

Other Details

Box Content:
1 Intero Cigar

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