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Ambasciator Italico Superiore Riserva Premium 2016


Fact Box

Full Cheroot
5/5 Very Strong
Balanced and Bitter Sweet
Hickory, Leather, Spices
12 months + 3 months in Oak Barrels
Storage Tips:
70% Humidity at 80 °F (26 °C)
American Kentucky from Tennessee
Blend of Italian and American Kentucky
Release Year:
Manufacturing location:
Orsago, Italy

One of the most popular traditions that every cigar smoker might have heard of is to dip cigars into whisky, cognac or rum in order to add extra flavor. In Italy, there was a tradition to store the cigars in a liquor bottle that has been emptied but not washed. However, this process has never been institutionalized until today. This Christmas, Ambasciator Italico features a new cigar inspired by this tradition: Italico Superior Riserva Premium 2016.

It is a combination of American Kentucky (from Tennessee) wrapper on a blend that consists primarily of American Kentucky (from Lexington) and Italian Kentucky from Campania, Tuscany, and Veneto. Aged 12 months and additional 3 months of refinement in oak barrels previously used in a Venetian distillery of Prosecco Grappa.

The result was a dark and rich cigar as intriguing in flavor as its inspiration. First impressions are bold and bitter sweet with pleasant notes of hickory, leather and a tinge of licorice. It continues with a complex spiciness of pepper and subtle aroma of grappa which harmonizes beautifully.

Other Details

Box Content:
10 Intero Cigars
5.00 LBS

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