Toscano Soldati


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Inspired by Mario Soldati, the prolific Italian writer and filmmaker, a man that was able to depict the most intrinsic peculiarities of Toscano cigars; Toscano Soldati is an elegant smoke with sweet balsamic notes that reminds one of dried fruit and walnuts. The Toscano was Soldati's signature; like Castro and his Havana, the two were inseparable!

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$5.99 per Cigar
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Full Cheroot

6 1/4
OriginLucca, Italy
WrapperItalian Kentucky
BinderNo Binder
FillerItalian Kentucky
Data sheet
Pack Size5 Cigars
OriginLucca, Italy
ShapeFull Cheroot
Length6 1/4
StrengthMellow-Medium Bodied
AromaDried Fruit, Walnut, Earth
PalateSlightly Savory
Aging6 Months
Release Year2006
Storage Tips

We highly recommend to store the cigars at 70-75% Relative Humidity and 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) for at least 7 days to allow them to smoke better.

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