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Toscano del Presidente

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Toscano del Presidente, the most renowned Ammezzato (aka halved) cigar has a unique and mysterious history. Since the 70s, the best cigar rollers masterfully handcrafted the finest blend of 100% Italian Kentucky tobacco for the highest office of Italy. Released in limited quantity once a year around Easter, this elegant and complex smoke comes in a wooden box of 32 cigars with a terracotta lid.

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Half Cheroot

3 1/4
OriginLucca, Italy
WrapperItalian Kentucky
BinderNo Binder
FillerItalian Kentucky
Data sheet
Pack Size32 Cigars
OriginLucca, Italy
StrengthFull Bodied
AromaAromatic Wood, Herbs, Malt
PalateSlightly Bitter, Savory
Aging12 Months
Release Year2006
Drink PairingsGrappa, Red Wine, Whisky
Storage Tips

We highly recommend to store the cigars at 70-75% Relative Humidity and 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) for at least 7 days to allow them to smoke better.

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