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    Toscano Sampler offers you the chance to try the complete selection of Toscano and Toscanello cigars. This one-of-a-kind set of 61 cigars is packaged in an elegant gift box, it exemplifies all the characteristics that make smoking Italian cigars a truly unique experience. It is now yours at only $159.99 + free shipping!
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    Toscano Traditional Sampler takes you through the classic Tuscan cigars: A consistently pleasant Toscano Classico brings you a distinct notes of malt and oakwood, a bold Toscano Antico will entertain your palette with a variety of complex earthy flavors, and a balanced Toscano Extravecchio will leave you in awe of its remarkably exciting profile.
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    Toscano d'Autore Sampler represents a perfect mix of flavors for appreciating the Italian way to cigars. Toscano Garibaldi will immediately introduce you to the unique style of the crisp Toscano cigar, a dark smoked Toscano Modigliani will highlight the taste of Tuscany, and a pure Toscano Soldati will leave you a gentle yet complex fragrance.
Showing 25 - 27 of 27 items

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