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    The cult cigar that started the Italian legacy: now available in a limited edition leather-wrapped box of 30 cigars to celebrate Toscano's 200 years anniversary. Toscano Originale is hand-rolled with an exclusive blend of American and Italian Kentucky. This fine cigar has a strong personality with aromas of leather, malt, and sweet spices.
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    Toscano Originale contains all the secrets that came from the 200-year-old myth of the Toscano cigar. It is hand-rolled using premium grade Italian-Kentucky tobacco, wrapped in a meticulously-cut American Kentucky leaf. Packed in an elegant leather-wrapped box of 8 cigars, only exclusive to ItalianSmokes. Only 8 units available!
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    Best Price in The USA! From $12.60 The ultimate cigar for real men, Toscano Antico is a full-bodied cigar with dry, rustic flavors of oak wood, hickory and a tinge of licorice sweetness. Who can forget Clint Eastwood's portray of 'The Man With No Name' with his cigar standing in Homeric grandeur. Now available in pack of 50 cigars.
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    Best Price in the USA! From $10.40 An all-Italian cigar: Toscano Classico is unmistakable due to the burnished brown color of Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany. This is one of the most iconic cigars and has been subjected to numerous imitations. An earthy smoke is accented with notes of aromatic wood and maple. Now available in pack of 50 cigars.
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    Best Price in The USA! From $6.40 Toscano AD1492 is a tribute to the discovery of the Americas by famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who came across tobacco during his voyages. Made with 100% American Kentucky tobacco from Tennessee, this wide-belly beauty is a rich, intense smoke with notes of honey. Now available in pack of 20 cigars.
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    Toscano Sampler offers you the chance to try the complete selection of Toscano and Toscanello cigars. This one-of-a-kind set is packaged in an elegant gift box, it exemplifies all the characteristics that make smoking Italian cigars a truly unique experience. It is now yours at only $155.99 + FREE Shipping!
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    Toscano Traditional Sampler takes you through the classic Tuscan cigars: A consistently pleasant Toscano Classico brings you a distinct notes of malt and oakwood, a bold Toscano Antico will entertain your palette with a variety of complex earthy flavors, and a balanced Toscano Extravecchio will leave you in awe of its remarkably exciting profile.
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    Toscano d'Autore Sampler represents a perfect mix of flavors for appreciating the Italian way to cigars. Toscano Garibaldi will immediately introduce you to the unique style of the crisp Toscano cigar, a dark smoked Toscano Modigliani will highlight the taste of Tuscany, and a pure Toscano Soldati will leave you a gentle yet complex fragrance.
  • $45 99 In Stock
    Toscano Contemporary Sampler features 3 stunning premium blends of harmonious, captivating taste. This fine assortment features the all-American Toscano Anno Domini 1492, the elegant Toscano Antica Riserva, and the exclusive Toscano Antica Tradizione. These complex and full-flavored Italian beauties are must haves for any serious cigar aficionado.
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    Toscano Classic Sampler contains 3 mouthwatering blends that made Toscano one of the legendary brand names in the cigar industry. You get the handcrafted Toscano Originale, one of the classic blends that put Toscano on the map; the luxurious, silky smooth Toscano Antica Riserva; and lastly, the bold and creamy Toscano Anno Domini 1492.
  • $149 95 In Stock
    Taste of Italy presents 3 of the most distinctive Toscano cigars - Toscano Classico, the quintessential Italian cigar since 1930; Toscano Originale, handmade by the infamous 'sigaraie' of Lucca using the traditional technique passed down from 200 years ago; Toscano Antico, the symbol of Toscano tradition and best friend of Clint Eastwood!
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