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How to Store

ItalianSmokes Guide on How To Store Toscano Cigars

From the moment it is made at the factory, a Toscano cigar is handled with care. It should not be in a dry environment with high temperature because a Toscano cigar is made of cured Kentucky tobacco leaves.

Although Toscano cigar is considered a dry cigar, it has to be stored in a humidor at between 65% and 75% humidity, with temperature at 80°F (26°C). This is the best way to replicate the Kentucky tobacco's original climate and ensure Toscano cigar retains optimum freshness.

Once a Toscano cigar is soft and whole, leave it in its cellophane wrapping, and then remove it some days before smoking.

Do not keep Toscano cigars in the same humidor with cigars which are made of fresh tobaccos because fresh tobacco leaves may be infested with tobacco worm.