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Cigars Suppliers

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano (MST) founded in Florence, has been producing Italian cigars for almost 200 years, since 1818. In 2006, the Bologna-based Maccaferri Group took over the production of these traditional Toscano cigars, and they have turned a thriving Italian cigar company into an international success. Today, Toscano cigars are exported to 33 countries worldwide with a production of over 150 million cigars a year; anywhere cigar enthusiasts appreciate a strong smoke and fine Italian cigar brands. 

Moderno Opificio del Sigaro Italiano

Moderno Opificio del Sigaro Italiano (MOSI) is an entrepreneurial company founded in Veneto which produces traditional Italian cigars with exceptional quality. Since 2014, it has gained about 3% of the market share in Italy with a production of over 2.5 million cigars. Its flagship brand: Ambasciator Italico is literally translated as Italian Cigar Ambassador. Ambasciator Italico is the full expression of Italian style, passion and love for all things exquisite. Smoking an impeccable Italico cigar is a symbol of elegance and luxury, to be shared.

Accessories Suppliers

Coltellerie Maserin

Since 1960, Coltellerie Maserin has been producing high-quality knives. Maserin knives incorporate new technologies, unique materials and cutting-edge design. In this pursuit for the highest quality cutting tools, Maserin maintains the tradition of the artisan blacksmiths of Maniago, known as “The City of Knives."

Maserin utilises a combination of laser and CNC machinery with fine hand assembly and hand finishing. This combination makes for a knife with superior fit and finish. Today, Maserin’s brand is synonymous with quality and it is regarded as one of the finest producers of knives in Italy.

Coltellerie Saladini

Coltellerie Saladini was started in 1997 by master Leonardo Saladini. Master Saladini chose the historic knife-making town of Scarperia, close to Florence, for his home base.

Since its inception, Coltellerie Saladini has honored and innovated this historic tradition with new lines, new shapes, new materials, and new technical features. Saladini's cutting-edge products and avant-garde designs have marked the rebirth of Scarperia's tradition.

Saladini products are perfect for customers who want traditionally made, artisanal products - and yet appreciate innovation, novelty, and daring new designs. Over the years, Saladini has attracted the attention of celebrities and industry experts, such as Alberto Marcomini, renowned maitre fromager, and Lunelli Marcello, one of owners of Ferrari.

Discover for yourself what these greats already know about Saladini knives and cutting tools.

Giorgio Fedon 1919

Giorgio Fedon 1919 collection represents the fusion of innovative technology, elegant minimalist design, and traditional Italian craftsmanship.

This collection is the epitome of the ideal "made in Italy." Each piece is unique for its attention to detail, the absence of stitching, its easy-close mechanism, and the specialized materials used in its construction, such as leather-covered aluminum.

This exclusive collection is crafted with care, and particular attention given to finishing touches, making it ideal for individuals who seek modern, functional, and high-quality accessories.

Pelletterie Fiorentine

Founded in 1952, Pelletterie Fiorentine began in downtown Florence with its best-known specialty "cuoietto fiorentino" whereby the basic structure of the objects is created with heavy leather, then finished with a layer of fine calf skin.

The best quality undyed calf skins are selected, subsequently hand dyed, burnished using special heated irons, and polished into natural rich brown shades. Pocket cigar cases are the hallmark of Pelletterie Fiorentine.

Cellini Firenze is a line of products characterized by the special marbled effect and embossed designs, created by Francesco Cellini.