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Why Toscanello Caffe Is So Good!

Posted on 6th Aug 2015

You've heard the old phrase: Good Things Come In Small Packages. The Toscanello Aroma range of cigars has proven that to be true. Toscanello Caffe (our #1 best seller) is the perfect indulgence to pair with your favorite drink, from coffee, apéritif to after-meal digestif.

Born out of necessity, the first Toscanello cigar arrived to the scene after the end of World War II. The Italian economy had been hit hard by the war and tobacco was facing a surplus. The combination of these factors led to the introduction of Toscanello, half the size of the traditional Toscano cigar, as an affordable option for cigar lovers. Its popularity skyrocketed and in 2003, Toscanello Caffe joined the line up.

Combining two treasured Italian traditions, Toscano cigar and coffee, Toscanello Caffe offers a relaxing reprieve from the bustling world. Blending the finest Italian, South American, and Far East Kentucky tobacco with the rich flavor of espresso creates an exceptional experience for even the most refined palette. Boasting a rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the velvety flavor incorporates almond, vanilla, and licorice tones.

Toscanello continues the treasured Toscano tradition of being a real cigar. Make no mistake, Toscanello Caffe is not a flavored cigar. Infusing the tobacco leaves with espresso creates a distinct coffee aroma while preserving the natural tobacco essence. It's perfect for pairing with an after-dinner digestif. But its delicious flavor, enticing aroma, and affordable price make it a top runner for an anytime indulgence.

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