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Toscano Classico Vintage: The Charm Of Italian Cigars

Posted on 19th Feb 2015

Nestled along the Serchio River, near the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the city of Lucca - the birthplace of Toscano Cigar. Its illustrious history began in the 1800s at the hands of Ferdinand III, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Among other things, he was a man who knew how to coax as much flavor out of Kentucky tobacco. Consequently, he started producing a variety of monocultivar cigars and in 1930, heirs to his finely crafted secrets released the Toscano Classico Vintage.

One whiff of its aromatic, earthy scent is sure to elicit pangs of desire in the hearts of cigar aficionados everywhere. And as for the savory and mildly bitter taste that follows, it’s truly the final arrow in cupid’s quiver. Each Toscano Classico Vintage is stored at just the right humidity and aged for at least 6 months. Then it’s lovingly packaged into a vintage white box and shared with cigar enthusiasts near and far.

Because it has distinctive hints of nut, oak and malt, many cigar aficionados relish the opportunity to enjoy one with a bottle of Italian wine produced in the region’s vineyards. Its inherent gravel, limestone and clay terrain is known to produce some of the bests of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinor Noir, Trebbiano, and Vernaccia.

To learn more about Toscano Cigar, please contact us at Italian Smokes today. We count ourselves among those that are fortunate enough to have Toscano Classico Vintage and other fine products on offer. All of our premium cigars and handcrafted smoking accessories are imported directly from Italy and we ship free to all verifiable locations within the continental United States for any order above $100.

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