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Toscano Classico: True Old-World Craftsmanship

Posted on 9th Jul 2015

Taste the fine essence and tradition of the Italian cigar craftsmanship with Toscano Classico. This is an Old World recipe that blends the best of both Italian and American grown Kentucky tobacco which is fire-cured and fermented. It is a cigar with big veins and an elliptical shape - the center belly tapers off to both ends that have a smaller diameter.

Light it at whichever end you like, draw in its slightly bitter smoke with a zing. You'll immediately be drawn in by its strong aroma of fresh earth and dry wood essences. Smoke it 'Intero' alla cowboy-style to experience the smooth start and eventually reach the full-bodied bulge. Or smoke it like the Italians by cutting it into halves and share it with a friend.

Toscano Classico appeals to any beginner smoker or seasoned cigar aficionado with its rustic tobacco flavor. A medium to full range flavor, it's a classic profile with a persistent draw that will keep you interested. This is the perfect cigar to enjoy with a cold Peroni on a relaxed Sunday and a quick cigar break in the afternoon with a bold espresso.

For a more elevated taste, experience it with wines of high tannin content: think structured white wines such as Falaghina, Vermentino or light red wines – we love it with a slightly sparkling Lambrusco. It also pairs well with popular Italian liqueurs such as Sambuca, Tuaca, Limoncello... and the list goes on!

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