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Toscano Classico: The Everyday Cigar

Posted on 10th Sep 2015

Cigar smokers lose themselves in the utter relaxation and release that occurs when enjoying the true quality that comes from a finely constructed cigar. They relish the subtle differences in flavor, the exhilaration of the first puff, and the total satisfaction that comes at the end of a good cigar. Toscano Classico offers a bold and unique flavor that is perfect for as an everyday cigar.

Toscano Classico first entered the cigar scene in the 1930s. A measurable improvement in Italian Kentucky tobacco during this time made sure Toscano Classico secured its place in the Italian cigar history. By the 1960's, Toscano Classico has became an integral piece of the Italian culture and heritage.

The cigar itself is made of a blend of Italian and American Kentucky tobaccos, which are fired cured and then fermented. The medium flavor is punctuated by hints of fresh earth, dry wood, and an ever so subtle peppery undertone. The texture, aroma, and flavor all blend smoothly together to produce a smoke that is slightly bitter and consistently pleasant throughout.

Toscano Classico is a practical smoke to be enjoyed daily. For those in need of a quick stress relieving moment, take the cue from Italians who cut the whole Toscano Classico into two halves, which allows for two shorter smokes. Leisurely enjoying the whole cigar can last over an hour.

If Toscano Classico catches your fancy, be sure to try Toscano Classico Vintage. Arriving in a vintage design box, the malt and almond flavors are a reminder of the timeless allure of a superior cigar.

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