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Toscano Cigar, La Dolce Vita Style

Posted on 16th Jul 2014

There are many ways to enjoy a Toscano cigar. You can pair it with a fine whiskey, a plush red wine, or a rich espresso. It is not really what you drink with it, but how you appreciate that moment - to savor the complex flavors and aromas of the Kentucky tobacco blend, grown on the beautiful hills of Italy and the vast grasslands of Kentucky and Tennessee, USA.

Toscano cigar is a cheroot made of 100% Kentucky tobacco as both its wrapper and filler, which means it is rolled very tightly. By cutting both ends by around 1/16 of an inch, this opens up the cigar to allow for a better draw. The Italian way of smoking a Toscano cigar is to cut it in half and share the other half with a friend, which is why Toscano is also called a “Friendship Cigar”.

Kentucky tobacco has a reputation for being flame-resistant, which means it takes some patience to light up a Toscano cigar. Take a light steady draw, puffing it too frequently or strongly may cause the cigar to become too hot. Once it is lit, allow the smoke to roll around in your mouth and play gloriously on your taste buds.

While it is good to enjoy a Toscano cigar with an alcoholic drink, a simple glass of mineral water can cleanse the palate and allow the true flavors to come through. Smoking a Toscano cigar is a euphoric yet relaxing experience, it heightens all senses. It is said that a Toscano cigar has a soul like only the greatest cigars can have, and smoking one is like going on a journey through the sweet life of Italy.

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