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Toscanello Fondente: The Delicious Treat

Posted on 27th Aug 2015

Imagine you've just finished an exquisite meal. The flavors were full and perfectly complimented. As you’re relaxing on a patio enjoying the beautiful view of the stars, you sip on a fine, perfectly aged brandy. What could possibly make this evening any better? How about kicking back with an intricately cigar that combines the finest fire-cured Kentucky tobacco with the unmistakable indulgence of rich, dark chocolate?

Toscanello Fondente is an irresistible, delicious treat that's the perfect dessert after a hearty meal. Launched in 2008, Toscanello Fondente is a small cigar with a smooth and velvety smoke. It is perfect for novice and experienced smokers to pair with an espresso, cordial, or spirit. then sit back and enjoy the sensual aroma of dark chocolate, licorice, and almond. The sweet taste is tamed by just a subtle hint of sourness.

If Toscanello Fondente strikes your fancy, be sure to try the wide assortment of Toscanello Aroma cigars. For pairing with your daily java, there is no better than the best selling Toscanello Caffe. For the perfect pairing to a relaxing beer, try Toscanello Anice with an enchanting licorice and citrus aroma. Try all six to find your perfect indulgence or keep a variety on hand for whenever the craving arises.

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