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Toscanello Caffe: The Choice For A Relaxing Moment

Posted on 19th Mar 2015

Your daily life is a hectic mix of important meetings, stressful situations and challenges. You thrive on all these, it's what gets you up in the morning and what keeps you going throughout the day. Even so, sometimes it can take its toll and your body, mind and soul begin to suffer. It's imperative that you step back every once in a while and enjoy a brief respite from the hustle and bustle. When the day gets to be a bit too much, sit down, put your feet up, relax and reach for Toscanello Caffe.

Life is full of pleasures, but few are better than a perfectly brewed strong, black cup of Italian espresso. Sipping it slowly, deliberately, you begin to let the stress and strain go and it feels oh-so-good. The aroma is so alluring that you simply want to savor it for as long as possible. Another of life's little pleasures is the unforgettable fragrance of fermented Kentucky tobacco from Campania. The two are natural companions, especially when they are combined, as in Toscanello Caffe, there's nothing that can compare.

Toscanello Caffe was first developed in 2003 and it's a heavenly blend of bold, rich Italian flavors that simply cannot be found in any other cigar. It starts off with fermenting the Kentucky tobacco grown in South America and Far East with an incredible Italian coffee infusion for a richer, bolder taste. The subsequent aging brings out the added notes of vanilla and licorice in the masterfully blended Kentucky tobacco. It's so aromatic, its aroma and flavor will literally make your palate sing with joy.

Many people believe that a fine cigar should only be enjoyed on a very special occasion, but this isn't the case for Toscanello Caffe. Although it's made from the finest Kentucky tobacco, it's the perfect everyday cigar. Great for a mid-day break with a good cup of coffee, or just as good with a stout beer, or after a beautiful meal with a lovely cordial. In short, Toscanello Caffe is perfect for any occasion!

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