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Toscanello Aroma Range: Which One To Smoke?

Posted on 2nd Apr 2015

If you are new to Toscano Cigar and prefer to start easy, we recommend trying the popular Toscanello Aroma range which includes Anice, Caffé, Grappa, and Fondente (Dark Chocolate). These little cigars are unique in both flavor and taste. They are made of a blend of unique infusion with high quality fired-cured, aged Kentucky tobacco from Italy, South America and Fast East.

Toscanello Aroma Anice with scents of licorice and peppermint is pleasantly soothing to the palate after a heavy meal. It is a versatile cigar as its peppermint aroma is great for wintertime, while its refreshing citrus taste is unmatched during summer days. Compliment it with your cocktail of choice, or craft beers for a casual cookout with friends.

Toscanello Aroma Caffe with its warm notes of vanilla, almond and licorice is going to deepen the appreciation you have for fine coffees. This is, hands down, the MOST POPULAR Toscano Cigar in the world. The perfect mix of life’s two finest pleasures can be enjoyed in the morning and/or following a scrumptious meal.

The perfect aperitif comes in the form of Toscanello Aroma Grappa, which combines the deep flavor of fermented Kentucky tobacco and the heady aroma of Italy’s national liquor. Its enticing taste with tinge of floral and licorice notes is a great complement to any drink or meal. It is a great cigar during transitional seasons such as spring and fall, or on rainy days!

Who can resist a temptation such as Toscanello Aroma Fondente, which is a blend of velvety dark chocolate and smoky aroma of fire-cured Kentucky tobacco? The swirl of rich, nutty chocolate taste is a novelty for those who seek new aromatic sensations. It is also a favorite among female smokers who prefer a milder and sweet taste.

Everyone’s taste is different, so experiment away!

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