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The Secrets Of Hand-Rolled Toscano Cigars

Posted on 26th Feb 2015

Toscano cigars make some of the most memorable smokes around. This purveyor of the original Italian cigars (from Italy of course!) offers different flavors to satisfy different palates from the beginner smokers to the cigar connoisseurs. But they aren’t for the meek of heart nor the weak-willed smokers. All Toscano cigars are made with the finest Kentucky tobacco. This is not to say that all Kentucky tobacco used in Toscano is grown in Kentucky, but the seeds hailed from there originally.

Hand-rolled Toscano cigars such as Toscano Originale, Toscano Anno Domini 1492, and Toscano Il Moro are made from 100% Kentucky tobacco with no fillers that take away from the pure tobacco taste. Part of taking joy from a great hand-rolled cigar is knowing the craftsman took the best quality tobacco leaves and rolled them into a splendid cigar; the tobacco seeds have to be hard and pure, the soil must be perfect, and even if everything is right, weather conditions can impact the flavor and taste making each season’s cigars taste a little unique.

Hand-rolled Toscano cigars have gone through both fermentation and aging (for at least 12 months) before they are released to the market. You can light them up as soon as you get them or you can allow them to age further in your humidor. Toscano cigars are appreciated the same way as fine wines, the longer you age them, the more valuable they become! Toscano cigars are made with pure tobacco by strong hands, and with pure hearts. Enjoy the strength of these cigars and the relaxation of great smoke.

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