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The Italian Cigar That Awakens All The Senses

Posted on 3rd Sep 2015

Life is all about experiences. Some are good, some are bad, but they all leave an indelible mark on the soul. One experience that you will never forget is smoking a Toscano, the Italian cigar that awakens all of your senses.


From the moment you see a Toscano cigar, you know that you have found something special. The uneven surface, the texture of the wrapper, and the firmness of the cigar (as it is rolled without binder) are the unique features of a Toscano cigar.


Toscano cigars are famous for their distinct and intense aromas. Bring a Toscano cigar to your nose... enjoy its delicately rustic and earthy scent of fermented Kentucky tobacco. And when you light one up, depending on the type of Toscano or Toscanello cigar, the blend of aromas ranges from aromatic wood, fresh earth, herbs and spices, nutty, leather.


Toscano cigars are not for the faint of heart or those with a sensitive palate, they are far too flavorful. Only those with a bold and adventurous palate would truly treasure their acquired taste. Tasting this cigar differs depending on if you smoke it whole (Intero in Italian) or halved (Ammezzato in Italian).

Savoring it whole enhances the quality of its flavor, which is smoother when the cigar is lit and gradually fuller-bodied up to the bulge, where it reaches its maximum flavour. In this way one is able to perceive the complexity of the flavor of the tobacco as it gradually takes shape. By doubling the length of this journey, the characteristics of this flavor are enhanced, while at the same time giving the smoke the chance to cool.

Smoking a Toscano cigar, Ammezzato style changes the dynamic of the cigar itself: you start immediately with an intense smoking experience. The burn rate for an Ammezzato Toscano is faster than an Intero Toscano. This is a very John Wayne style of smoking a Toscano, and it is perfect if you have less time for a smoke or simply prefer a more potent smoking experience.

Once your senses have been awakened by a Toscano cigar, you will fall deeply in love with it. There is no way you can escape its allure. This is what the good life is all about, and you deserve every pleasurable moment.

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