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How Does Toscano Age Its Cigars?

Posted on 17th Sep 2015

Cigars are like wines. Some people like the simple, uncomplicated taste of young Vino Novello, while others like the depth of flavors with a wine cellared for years such as Brunello di Montalcino Riserva. Similarly, the variety of Toscano cigars offer seasoned cigar aficionados a unique aroma and complexity that is only produced by finely matured Kentucky tobacco.

The aging process changes cigars, giving them better flavors. That's why Toscano never sends out green cigars, those that have received no aging, to the market. The initial part of the maturing process involves leaving Toscano cigars in holding frames for at least 25 to 30 days for the initial maturing phase, or as much as 50 to 60 days for Toscano Antica Reserva cigars. Moisture which is still present in the cigars activates the enzymes that produce reactions similar to micro fermentation. At this stage, moisture content is reduced to approximately 18% with defective cigars weeded out of the manufacturing process.

Toscano cigars are further conditioned to reach moisture levels of 13% to 14% by resting on "sacconi" made of wood with mesh bases, covered with porous paper in an environment that allows the cigars to breathe in climate-controlled chambers. The cigars remain in this stage "to marry their flavors" and keep losing moisture until they reach ambient equilibrium between 6 and 12 months. Most of the superior cigars in the Toscano and Toscanello families including Toscano Originale and Toscanello Speciale, remain in the perfecting phase for about 12 months. Toscano Extravecchio remains for a shorter time of approximately 9 months.

The amount of time you age your Toscano cigars in your personal humidor after purchase is a matter of personal preference. The thicker the cigar, the greater the variety of tobacco leaves and the more complex the final flavor will be. When aging cigars in your personal humidor, the ideal mount of space should be approximately twice the volume of the cigars themselves to achieve optimal flavor.

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