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Gift Ideas: How To Choose Toscano Cigar As A Gift

Posted on 12th Feb 2015

Across the globe, cigars are popular gifts to celebrate a wedding, birthday or even the birth of a newborn baby. It's no surprise that the Toscano Cigar is growing increasingly popular as a gift choice. It's a symbol of elegance and sophistication. With so many excellent types to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one you should choose. Here are some simple tips that will help you pick the most suitable Toscano Cigar for your friends or loved ones.

It's good to have a basic understanding on what your recipient likes. Mild or full strength? Mellow or bold flavoured? Classic taste or with aroma? Every smoker has different preference and it varies widely from one person to the next. It all depends on how well you know the person. Start by asking family and friends about the types of cigar they like. With this knowledge, it'll be easier to find the best suited Toscano Cigar to mark that special occasion.

For those who enjoy classic, medium strength cigars, we recommend choosing Toscano Classico or Toscano Extravecchio. Toscano Classico is savoury with a slight bitter taste and a toasty, malty flavour; whereas Toscano Extravecchio has a rounded, pleasant character and balancing taste of sweet, tangy spices with slightly bitter aftertaste - thanks to its composition of 100% Italian Kentucky tobacco grown on the beautiful Tuscan hills, which is the birthplace of Toscano Cigar!

For those who enjoy bold, full bodied cigars, we suggest Toscano Antico and Toscano Anno Domini 1492. Toscano Antico has an intense, hearty flavor with complex aroma of pepper and aromatic wood; Toscano Anno Domini 1492 is dedicated to the infamous Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus and is made of 100% American Kentucky tobacco grown in Tennessee - its 12-month maturation and double fermentation process contribute to its stunning, round body.

For those who prefer milder, more flavorful cigars, we suggest the Toscanello range. From the charming Toscanello to the stimulating Toscanello Speciale, and the various aromas which include Caffe, Anice, Grappa, Fondente (Dark Chocolate); these little cigars are ideal for short breaks, at any time or occasion. The Toscanello Aroma range has an original, refined taste - they're very popular with lady smokers, too!

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