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Gift Ideas: How To Choose The Right Cigar Cutter

Posted on 5th Feb 2015

Whether you're a new cigar smoker or a seasoned aficionado, you're likely to understand the importance of a good cut. An improper cut will ruin even the most expensive cigar, causing the end to split and unravel. If the cut is too small, the cigar will not draw properly, too large and it will fall apart.  Choosing a quality cigar cutter guarantees a crisp neat cut that allows the cigar to burn evenly.

A beautifully crafted work of art handmade in Italy, the Saladini Modern Tabletop Cutter is made to be shown off! Its elegant half-moon shape feels right at home on any desk or cigar lounge table. The elegant olive wood provides a sturdy base for the stainless steel frame. A finely shaped handle extends to the side creating the modern appearance of a cleaver. Two different cigar ring gauges allow for a precision cut on almost any cigar in your collection.

Hailing from the "City of Knives" in Italy, Maserin Guillotine Cigar Cutter delivers an exquisite, precise cut every time. Available with a black or silver aluminum cover, the stainless steel spring loaded blade prevents damage to your delicate cigars. Capable of cutting up to cigar ring gauge 45, this master cutter fits easily in your pocket or right on your desk in its luxe brown suede pouch.

Made specifically for Toscano cigars, the Saladini Rasolino Cutter makes it a breeze to follow the Italian tradition of cutting a quality Toscano cigar in half to share with a friend. With an elegant handle forged from exquisite certified natural ox horn, this razor-shaped Damascus Stainless Steel forged blade provides unsurpassed quality.

Once you've created the perfect cut with your quality cigar cutter with just the right amount of draw and no damage, it's time to relax and enjoy. Hold your cigar just about the flame, rotating it slowly to ensure all sides are heated evenly. Be patient, waiting for that perfect glowing ring to appear around the circumference of the cigar. Take your first puff and begin your journey.

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