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A Carefully Fermented Cigar Is A Pleasure

Posted on 23rd Apr 2015

The fermentation process of a cigar is a long and complicated process, but it is essential to creating a quality cigar. If a cigar is not properly fermented it can cause all kinds of problems including a cigar that goes out again and again while you are smoking it. If you get a heartburn sensation when you are smoking a cigar or shortly after you have finished smoking a cigar, it is probably because the cigar was not properly fermented. A quality, handcrafted cigar should never cause you any kind of discomfort. If the cigar you are smoking has not be carefully fermented it can create a metallic, unpleasant taste that is not enjoyable.

When you are investing in a quality, fermented cigar, you want to be sure the highest possible standards are being observed. After all, a great cigar is a luxury. Toscano Cigars are carefully fermented to exacting standards. According to the full guide on how Toscano Cigars are made, "The length of this process ranges from 14 to 21 days, and during this time, there are at least 3 intermediate revolutions to renovate the oxygen supply and adjust the filling. The humidity percentage is regulated at 40% and the temperature at about 40°C. The PH factor is stabilized around 8 to 8.5".

Just reading through the guide is a great education on the production of Toscano Cigars, they are meticulously crafted with more than 200 years of cigar-making heritage and tradition in Italy. For a unique taste, try Toscano Extravecchio with its 100% Italian grown Kentucky tobacco composition, pairs sweet and tangy flavors with the trademark intense smoke. Alternatively, there is Toscano Anno Domini 1492 with its bold flavor and stunning, well rounded body is characterized by its 100% American Kentucky tobacco grown in Tennessee.

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