Famous Aficionados

Famous Aficionados

Since the discovery of tobacco, innumerable writers, musicians, painters, politicians, directors and actors have all had their names linked to cigars. Toscano cigar with its 200 years of history has been associated with many extraordinary talents and famous personalities, it is a seemingly endless list of names.

Giacomo Casanova, Italian Adventurer and Author

Some authors have written about Toscano cigar, but nobody illustrated it more beautifully about its presence in the elite society than Giacomo Casanova in his memoir called Story of My Life (Histoire de Ma Vie). Since then, there has been continuous praise and tribute to the virtues of Toscano cigar.

Marie-Henri Beyle (known as Stendhal), French Author

Toscano cigar also appeared at the epic battle of Waterloo in "The Charterhouse of Parma" by Stendhal. Marie-Henri Beyle, better known by his pen name Stendhal, was a 19th century French writer. He was part of Napoleon's army and when he came to Italy, he fell in love with the Italian culture, art, and lifestyle. He became a Toscano cigar smoker and wrote: "At the break of the bitter dawn of winter, a Toscano cigar will fortify the soul".

Giovanni Prati, Italian Poet

Antonio Guadagnoli, Italian Poet

In 1855, Giovanni Prati dedicated one of his poems to the object of his desire, Il Sigaro, with an ending: "That all this be you within me, I carry you fraternally; and methinks we shall both go to the grave together". On a less dramatic note and with more humor, Antonio Guadagnoli wrote in his poem: "... and the cigar smoker feels the itch like girls for a husband... And among all the pastimes I certainly find this the most economical and honest".

Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian General and Politician

Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy

Toscano cigar is often regarded as the symbol of Italian Unification. Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was the central figure of the Italian Revolution, is an insuperable testimonial to Toscano cigar. He was a regular Toscano cigar smoker, especially during the Expedition of the Thousand. King Vittorio Emanuele II who fought int the battle of San Martino, the bloodiest of all the battles for liberation from the Austrians, was also a Toscano cigar smoker.

Giuseppe Verdi, Italian Romantic Composer

Giacomo Puccini, Italian Opera Composer

Much of the fame of the Toscano cigar is due to its prestigious smokers. Many artists have praised the cigar as an essential source of inspiration, from music to cinema, from literature to journalism. One of these great artists was Giuseppe Verdi, together with Richard Wagner were considered the preeminent opera composer of the 19th century. Another fan of Toscano cigar was Giacomo Puccini, the famed Italian opera composer.

Mario Soldati, Italian Writer and Film Director

Mario Soldati, writer and film director, praises and glorifies the Toscano cigar in many of his writings. He was introduced to the cigar as a young boy, when a priest offered him one after serving mass, giving rise to a love story that never ended. Two other great journalists are also worthy of a mention - Paolo Granzotto and Aldo Santini. Both achieved success in the publishing of literary works. Both enjoyed the Toscano cigar and never lost the opportunity to demonstrate their love in the pages of their newspapers and books.

Sergio Leone, Italian Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Frank Sinatra, American Singer and Actor

Francis Ford Coppola, American Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Robert De Niro, American Actor, Director and Producer

Rudolph Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City

Many painters and artists with great names such as Silvestro Lega, Luigi Tommasi, Carlo Levi, De Chirico, Mino Maccari and Scipione made canvases come to life with their works of art and the strong aroma of the Toscano cigar. Toscano cigar was also adored by Sergio Leone, who paid extraordinary homage to Toscano cigar in his unforgettable Spaghetti Western movies starring Clint Eastwood.

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